Written by Jim Henson
Illustrator Roger Langridge
Published October 1, 2014
Publisher Archaia Studio Press
ISBN 1608864340

The Musical Monsters of Turkey Hollow is an original 96-page graphic novel based on the proposed Thanksgiving television special The Musical Monsters of Turkey Hollow that was developed by Jim Henson and Jerry Juhl in the 1960s.

In 2014, it was announced that Roger Langridge was adapting Henson and Juhl's original story into a graphic novel, similar to how the Henson Company and Archaia Press had Ramón Pérez adapt the unproduced screenplay for Tale of Sand and unproduced The StoryTeller teleplays in graphic novel form.

In 2015, the Jim Henson Company also revisited the original treatment and produced Jim Henson's Turkey Hollow, a made-for-TV movie directed by Kirk Thatcher for the Lifetime television network.


From Archaia Studio Press:

The lost screenplay by Jim Henson brought to life by Roger Langridge!
In the spring of 1968, Jim Henson and his longtime writing partner were working together to create an original Thanksgiving TV special called The Musical Monsters of Turkey Hollow, which was to be directed by Jim and feature original songs by Joe Raposo of Sesame Street fame. Henson went as far as building the puppets for the special, but no network committed to the project and the script was filed away in the Jim Henson Company Archives. After the success of Archaia's Eisner Award-winning graphic novel Jim Henson’s Tale of Sand, we are proud to partner with the Jim Henson Company to bring to life another previously unknown piece of the Jim Henson Legacy. The only thing more exciting than finding the script for the project was securing the talents of the amazing Roger Langridge (writer and illustrator of the Eisner Award-winning Snarked) to adapt and illustrate the project! Eisner and Harvey-Award winner Roger Langridge is the mastermind behind the beloved run of The Muppet Show comics, and now he gets to bring to life hilarious, never-before-seen puppet creations by Jim Henson in an over-sized all-ages adventure.
Turkey Hollow is a picturesque town where hundreds of years ago, unbeknownst to the citizens, a meteorite landed nearby a small brook on the outskirts of town. One Thanksgiving, while young Timmy Henderson practices his guitar, he's accompanied by strange, unearthly, musical sounds. That meteorite wasn't a rock at all but an egg holding seven furry, goofy monsters, each with a unique musical sound. After the initial shock, Timmy befriends the lovable creatures following him all around Turkey Hollow. Not everyone takes a liking to the visitors though and it’s up to Timmy to protect his new friends and save Thanksgiving!


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