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Released 1994
Duration 95 minutes
Director Peter MacDonald
Written by Karen Howard (story), Jeff Lieberman (screenplay), Michael Ende (characters)
Music PΓ©ter Wolf
Studio Miramax
Rated G

The Neverending Story III was the second sequel to the 1984 fantasy film The Neverending Story, following 1990's The Neverending Story II: The Next Chapter. The plot, independent of the original Neverending Story novel, continues the adventures of young Bastian, as a group of bullies threaten the world of Fantasia and its inhabitants, accessible only through the book. Jim Henson's Creature Shop supplied all of the fantasy characters as animatronic puppets.

The film received only limited release in the United States in February 1996, two years after the European release, and shortly before appearing on home video.


  • Jason James Richter as Bastian
  • Melody Kay as Nicole
  • Freddie Jones as Mr. Coreander and Old Man of Wandering Mountain
  • Jack Black as Slip
  • Ryan Bollman as Dog
  • Carole Finn as Mookie
  • Tracey Ellis as Jane Bux
  • Kevin McNulty as Barney Bux
  • Julie Cox as The Empress
  • Moya Brady as Urgl
  • Tony Robinson as Engywook
  • Nicole Parker as Coil
  • Adrien Dorval as Rage
  • Thomas Petruo as Large Head

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