The Newfoundland Herald is a small, regional paper distributed in Canada. It includes a TV guide, sometimes called TV Week, but other times simply titled after the paper.

Cover Description
Magazine.newfoundlandherald.jpg June 24-30, 1978: The cover illustration depicts Jim Henson, Frank, George the Janitor, Kermit the Frog, Floyd Pepper, a chicken, a frog and a female pig, and was drawn by a local Canadian artist.
NewfoundlandHeraldSSAug1978.jpg August 12-18, 1978: The cover illustration depicts Grover, Cookie Monster, Big Bird, Little Bird, Betty Lou, Ernie, Oscar, Herry Monster, Bert, and the Count. It was drawn by a local Canadian artist.
NewfoundlandHeraldMar1981.jpg March 7-13, 1981: The cover picture shows Kermit and Miss Piggy and is titled "The Muppets.The Greatest Puppet Show Of All." Inside there is a one and a half page illustrated article titled "The Muppets: The little puppets that grew."
NewfoundlandHeraldOct1981.jpg Oct.10-16,1981: The cover picture shows Jim Henson surrounded by Muppets and is titled "The Muppet Show And A New Comic Strip." Inside is a three-page article titled "The Muppet Show: Capturing ratings, awards and hearts," as well as the start of a weekly Muppets comic series.
NewfoundlandHeraldFeb1992.jpg Feb.22-28, 1992: The cover picture shows Earl Sinclair and is titled "DINOSAURS: Prehistoric Comedy". The issue also includes a one and a half page article with pictures titled "Dinosaurs: Making A Play On Human Mistakes."

Editions Without Muppet Cover Photos

  • A one-page article and picture of the Muppets was included in the July 18-24, 1981 edition, which featured Barbara Mandrell on the cover.
  • A two-page article with pictures on Labyrinth was included in the Aug.16-22, 1986 edition. Kenny Rogers was featured on the cover.
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