Based on "The Ojolympics"
Published 2000
Adapted by Janelle Cherrington
Illustrator Tom Brannon
Original story Chris Moore
Pages 15
Publisher Simon Spotlight
ISBN 0-689-83244-9

The Ojo-lympics is a 2000 Bear in the Big Blue House storybook based on a season 2 episode. Ojo is having difficulty trying to decide what sport to play. She gets the idea to host her very own version of the Olympics called the "Ojo-lympics." Soon, all of the kids in the Big Blue House are in involved in the games. Each choose their own activity, except for Tutter, who trains for them all. Bear tells Tutter that he doesn't have to be good everything, but it turns out that Tutter is worried there isn't anything he's good at.


  • This book comes with fifty stickers. It includes a note to adults to encourage their child to choose stickers that relate to each scene and that leftover stickers can be used on cards, letters and gifts.
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