"The Once and Purple King" is a story which Savion reads on Sesame Street to four kids named Peter, Brittany, Sophia, and Bernadette, as well as Telly Monster, who keeps interrupting, worrying about what he is hearing. It tells the tale of a royal monarch who, upon discovering that he is purple, is so proud of this fact that he decides that everything in his kingdom should be that color, and no other (besides which he now wants to be called "your purpleness"). So he orders his servants to paint everything purple, starting with the walls of his palace, then all the fruit and flowers in the kingdom. The servants dutifully obey his orders without complaint. However, when the king orders that they have to be painted as well, as they are all different colors, they flatly refuse. The king is none too pleased with this and banishes them. However, he soon becomes lonely and misses all the color diversity. So he begs his subjects to return to his service, and the story ends with everyone redecorating his castle with all kinds of different colors. (First: Episode 3121)

The story's name is a reference to The Once and Future King. The segment was written by Joey Mazzarino.