The Partridge Family's colorful bus

The Partridge Family was an American television sitcom about a widowed mother and her five children who embarked on a music career. The series was originally broadcast on ABC from 1970 to 1974. The show focused on the family performing in various venues and would often contrast suburban life with the adventures of a show-biz family "on the road." After the first season, the show focused more on the "at home" themes and less on their touring.


Muppet Mentions

  • In the second season episode "Guess Who's Coming to Drive," band manager Reuben Kincaid is in jail. His one phone call is answered by youngest daughter Tracy. Ignoring Reuben's pleas to find an older family member, she hangs up the phone, distracted by Cookie Monster.


  • Bruce Bilson directed "Whatever Happened to Keith Partridge?" (1972) and "Forgive Us Our Debits" (1973)
  • Jack Burns played Stillman Kelly in "Dora, Dora, Dora" (1971)
  • Johnny Cash played himself in the pilot "What? and Get Out of Show Business?" (1970)
  • Dick Clark played himself in "Star Quality" (1970)
  • Jodie Foster played Julie Lawrence in "The Eleven-Year Itch" (1973)
  • Harold Gould played Walter Yost in "Beethoven, Brahms and Partridge" (1973)
  • Mark Hamill played Jerry in "Old Scrapmouth" (1971)
  • Margaret Hamilton played Clara Kincaid in "Reuben Kincaid Lives" (1973)
  • Arte Johnson played Nicholas Minsky Pushkin in "My Heart Belongs to a Two Car Garage" (1972) and Morris Tinkler in "For Whom the Bell Tolls... and Tolls... and Tolls" (1973)
  • Shirley Jones played Shirley Partridge
  • David Ketchum played Mr. Phelps in "My Heart Belongs to a Two Car Garage" (1972)
  • Cheryl Ladd played Johanna Houser in "Double Trouble" (1973)
  • Gary Morgan played Albert in "Forgive Us Our Debits" and Scotty in "None But the Onely" (both 1973)
  • Richard Mulligan played Dr. Jim Lucas in "Why Did the Music Stop?" (1971) and Howard Lipton in "The Diplomat" (1973)
  • Slim Pickens played Will Fowler in "Nag, Nag, Nag" (1972)
  • Richard Pryor played A. E. Simon in "Soul Club" (1971)
  • Charlotte Rae played Dr. Beecher in "You're Only Young Twice" (1972)
  • Alan Rafkin directed "Why Did the Music Stop?" and "Road Song" (both 1971)
  • Richard Schaal played Michelangelo Rezo in "Me and My Shadow" (1973)
  • William Schallert played Red Woodloe in "The Red Woodloe Story" (1971)
  • Mel Swope was an associate producer and directed three episodes
  • Brian Tochi played a boy in "A Tale of Two Hamsters" (1971)
  • Nancy Walker played Mrs. Applebaum in "Aspirin at 7, Dinner at 8" (1973)
  • Frank Welker played Sioux in "My Heart Belongs to a Two Car Garage" (1972)

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