Gobo, afflicted with the Pebble Pox

The Pebble Pox is a disease which afflicts Fraggles and Doozers. The illness figures in the Fraggle Rock episode "Pebble Pox Blues." Gobo contracts the disease, which Red and Mokey have already had, thus implying that you can only catch the Pebble Pox once. According to Boober, it is the most contagious disease a Fraggle can have, as it afflicts any Fraggle or Doozer within hours of coming into contact with an infected Fraggle or the germs. The symptoms are fever (which in the youngest Fraggles can cause the Fraggle to be delirious, as was the case with Wembley), an itchy, red rash all over the afflicted Fraggle's body, frizzy fur, ticklish teeth, and an achy tail.

Wembley and Boober later catch the disease, as do some Doozers.

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