Bug Llewelyn, reporting.

A fictional clip of Miss Piggy and Whoopi Goldberg on The People's Court featuring Judge Wapner was seen in episode 109 of Muppets Tonight.

Whoopi Goldberg is the plaintiff, and Miss Piggy is the defendant. They are introduced by Bug Llewelyn, who is knocked to the floor when Whoopi Goldberg (introduced as Goldi Whoopberg, a running gag of stars changing their names slightly when they become famous) crashes through the door. To avoid being flattened again, he stands against the other door as he introduces Miss Piggy - who promptly knocks him to the floor as she crashes through the second door. He bitterly exclaims, "I hope you both lose!", before collapsing.

Judge Wapner is judging the case. Whoopi Goldberg has taken Miss Piggy to court for messing up her hair - she asked for one pigtail, and has ended up with dreadlocks. Judge Wapner says that Miss Piggy did a pretty good job. In the end, however, it is Miss Piggy who loses the case.

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