Written by Ellen Weiss
Illustrator Manhar Chauhan
Published 1991
Publisher Smithmark Publishers Inc. / Muppet Press
ISBN 0-8317-6151-2

The Phantom of the Muppet Theater is a Muppet Show storybook.

It's two days before another big show at The Muppet Theatre, and everyone is busy doing their part to prepare. While getting ready, a number of strange things happen to the cast -- Miss Piggy's wardrobe moves, freeing a trapped Foo-Foo; Scooter finds a mysterious note in his pocket telling him to fix a leak in the theater's roof; Fozzie Bear is pulled from a hole in the floor; a flashlight is handed to Gonzo from out of nowhere.

It's not long before everyone realizes that something peculiar is happening, and that the help they've all received didn't come from their fellow cast members. The thought of a ghastly presence in the theater scares the performers, but Kermit insists the show must go on.

The show finally arrives, and goes very well up until the grand finale, when Gonzo is shot from a cannon. As Gonzo flies, he gets caught in some of the ropes hanging above the stage.

The show is quickly ended, the curtain is drawn, and the Muppets scramble to try to save Gonzo. Out of nowhere, the silhouette of a man is seen rescuing Gonzo and transporting him to safety. It is the ghost of John Stone, a fellow stage performer and builder of the theater in which the Muppets perform. In exchange for allowing the ghost to continue to live in the theater that he loves so dearly, he vows to come to the aid of the cast whenever he's needed.

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