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The Pointer Sisters on Sesame Street
(Anita, Ruth, and Bonnie)

The Pointer Sisters are a famous R&B group. The group's members originally included Ruth, Anita, Bonnie and June Pointer. The group found its greatest success as a trio after their sister Bonnie left to pursue a solo career.

As a trio (Anita, Ruth, and Bonnie) the group taped several song inserts for Sesame Street in season 6, covering their song "Yes, We Can Can," as well as performing "Hush Little Baby" and "Swingin' Alphabet." All four sisters recorded the vocals for the popular "Pinball Number Count" cartoon.

The group's hit song "Neutron Dance" was covered by The Extremes on The Jim Henson Hour. "Jump (For My Love)" was also covered by guest star Smokey Robinson.

In 1982, they appeared with Jim Henson at the Night of 100 Stars. Other appearances by the group include performances on Cher, American Bandstand and A Capitol Fourth.


  • The Oinker Sisters, a trio of singing Sesame Street pigs, are named in honor of the group.

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