Released 1991
Duration 88 minutes
Director Ola Solum
Written by Erik Borge
Music Bent Åserud and Geir Bøhren
Studio SF Norge
Rated PG

The Polar Bear King (Kvitebjørn Kong Valemon) is a Norwegian film produced by SF Norge in 1991, with puppet effects by Jim Henson's Creature Shop.

The handsome King Valemon of Summerland refuses to marry an evil Witch and ally the kingdom to the forces of darkness. The furious Witch enchants Valemon, turning him into a polar bear. Fleeing north to the icy kingdom of Winterland, Valemon meets a beautiful princess, who sees through the furry exterior to the man within. She and Valemon travel back to Summerland to break the spell.


  • Tobias Hoesl as King Valemon
  • Maria Bonnevie as Princess
  • Anna-Lotta Larsson as Witch
  • Helge Jordal as Devil

Jim Henson's Creature Shop