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Jim Henson's The Possibility Shop with Courtney Watkins is a web-based series that is part of Disney's Family Fun website. It made its debut on November 20, 2009. The web-series is produced by The Jim Henson Company; although there are no Muppets or Creatures featured in the production, the show does include some simple homemade-style puppet characters.

The series, which can be accessed through or, features ideas for family-friendly art projects and activities and with seasonal or holiday-based content. The Possibility Shop is exclusively sponsored by The Clorox Company and the site also features integrated commercials featuring the cast of the show.

From the show's website:

"The Possibility Shop has a zillion things to discover, decorate, create, play, imagine and giggle about. This online destination empowers moms and kids with a pair of "new perspectacles" through which to see their world. Shop-owner Courtney Watkins introduces new ideas, demonstrates how-to-techniques, and unearths the "Aha!" moments hidden in a child's every day, while energizing parents to pursue limitless on-your-own, at-home activities. Imagine the possibilities!"

The Possibility Shop was the subject of the November 24, 2009 episode of The Jim Henson Company Podcast.

The first season was directed by David Gumpel.


Season 1

The first season debuted in November 2009.

  • Thanksgiving - November 20, 2009
    Courtney shows you how to keep the family entertained 'til the turkey is done. (YouTube)
  • Holidays - December 3, 2009
    Celebrate the season and save money and time with great holiday gift ideas from Courtney. (YouTube)
  • Time Machine - December 17, 2009
    Wondering how the year flew by? Courtney's special project will inspire to you to relive your favorite family moments. (YouTube)
  • The Big Game - January 7, 2010
    Ready sports fans? Find ways to keep the kids entertained while you cheer on your favorite team. (YouTube)
  • Rock the House - January 21, 2010
    Want to plan the ultimate kid's party? Courtney makes throwing the best bash ever fun and easy. (YouTube)
  • Valentine's Day - February 4, 2010
    Teach your kids about the importance of friendship this year with a cute craft they'll love. (YouTube)
  • Love Your Pet Day - February 18, 2010
    Furry friends can be your best friends! Whether you have a pet or just want one, Courtney has ideas for you. (YouTube)
  • St. Patrick's Day - March 4, 2010
    Delight and entertain your little elves, gnomes and leprechauns with these cute holiday crafts.
  • April Fools Day - March 18, 2010
    Keep your family guessing and laughing with clever tips and tricks for April Fools' Day.
  • Sick Day - April 1, 2010
    Feeling ill-informed about how to keep your sick child occupied? Courtney's tips and tricks help make the most of those days stuck home in bed.
  • The Birds Are Back in Town - April 15, 2010
    Let your imagination take wing! Celebrate spring and the beauty of nature with this high-flying craft from Courtney.
  • Mother's Day - April 29, 2010
    Courtney has a special gift for Mom this year: great crafts the kids can make (with a little help from another grownup).

Season 2

Season 2 launched in October 2010.[1]

  • 4th of July Parade
    Learn how to throw your own neighborhood 4th of July Parade.
  • Carnival Block Party
    Celebrate summer, and each other, by throwing a cool neighborhood block party.
  • Father's Day
    Royal Portrait Create a gift for Dad that represents all things he loves, and, your love for him!
  • Lemonade Stand
    Encourage your kids to think big by fostering their entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Drive-In Movie Night
    Transform your backyard into a classic drive-in movie theatre.
  • Pen Pals
    Bring back the simplicity of writing - one letter at a time.
  • Spring Surprise Baskets
    Surprise your loved ones with Spring baskets - show them they're appreciated!
  • Host a Spring Swap Party
    Recycle, renew and reuse by throwing a party that is environmentally safe.
  • Field Trip to the Museum
    This personal museum collection will reveal what is important to your Kids.
  • Lucky Token Box
    Decorate and personalize this St. Patty's Day box to store all your tokens of luck.
  • Leadership Election
    Compel your kids to take the lead with these confidence building ideas.
  • Tree Bloomin' with Love
    Let your loved ones know you care with a craft from the heart.
  • YOU-nique Talent Show
    Celebrate your childs individuality with an at home talent show!
  • New Year's Board Game
    Gather your gang and spin your way into the New Year with a homemade board game.
  • A Handmade Heart
    Let Courtney show you how to turn a fun and easy make-at-home art project into a memorable holiday gift for the family!
  • Thanksgiving Table Creation
    Make creative Thanksgiving table decorations & centerpieces.
  • Chalkboard Vases
    Create chalk board vases with thankful sayings.
  • Mini Haunted House
    Have creative and spooktacular fun with the kids this Halloween and make yourselves a fun miniature haunted house.
  • Clever Costume Ideas
    Surpise your friends with these crafty & creative Halloween costumes.
  • Friendship Party
    Thrill your classmates or neighborhood kids with fun party ideas.

Season 3

Season three started in August 2011.[2]

  • Adventure in a SnapSack
    Learn to pack a SnapSack that will keep your kids entertained while running summertime errands with you.
  • Wooden Car Racing
    Grab a buddy or two and make wooden cars to enter in the big race!
  • Power Play Symbols
    Make a touchstone T-shirt to get yourself ready to meet any challenges life throws your way.
  • A New Twist on Recess
    Chalk up a creativity win when you try this new take on hopscotch!
  • Slumber Party Camp-in Kit
    Make everything you need to go camping in your own living room.
  • Transformation Costumes
    Trick or treat! Here with some tricks to dress-up your little treat!
  • Monsters Be Gone!
    Keep the monsters under your bed (or in the closet, or the basement) at bay with a Monsters-Be-Gone Kit!
  • Boomerang Society!
    Here's an inventive way to keep the arts booming in the classroom and beyond in your community.
  • How to Throw a Fun-draiser!
    Calling all creative kids! Host a neighborhood art show for a good cause.
  • Flying Angel Holiday Portraits
    This gift will turn your angelic child into an actual angel and make the recipient's heart fly high!
  • Make-and-Take Party Favors
    Courtney shows how true party animals ring in the new year with cute and creative favors for kids and their cuddly pals.
  • Nightly News
    Putting on a news show is a great way for kids to build up their public speaking skills -- and an opportunity to craft!
  • The Great Valentine Paper Make-Over
    Let your creativity flower with these innovative and heart-y Valentine's Day papercrafts.
  • Fresh Air Trekking
    Send the kids outdoors to Mother Nature's workshop, where leaves, petals, sticks, and more become tools for creative expression.
  • Pet S'paw
    Celebrate National Pet Month by pampering your furry best friend.
  • Bird Necklaces
    Spring has sprung! Celebrate with a beautiful bird necklace that makes a perfect gift for someone special.
  • Lei Day
    Celebrate the spirit of Hawaii with a colorful lei and grass skirt. It's all you need to start dancing the hula!
  • Family Game Night
    Make great family memories with a fun and easy game that will get everyone involved.


  • Courtney Watkins as herself
  • Danielle Bessler as Ivy the Girl Scout
  • Felix Ryan as Mix
  • Bonnie Burroughs as "Super Working Mom"
  • Suzan Brittan as "Stay-at-Home Mom"
  • Justin Galluccio as "Spy Boy"


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