The Predator is a large monster (with horns and fangs) who frequently appeared on Dinosaurs. The creature first appeared in the second season episode "I Never Ate for My Father" where it was referred to as a swamp monster and consumed Earl and Robbie. The swamp monster is a hand puppet, matted to look like a giant creature. Every swamp monster seen on Dinosaurs looks identical. It takes a few days for the monster to digest his meals. In its second appearance, in "Slave to Fashion," the puppet was used as the title character for the TV series Totally Hidden Predator. This was the first reference to it as "The Predator," and no other official name is known. The monster would continue to be seen both on television and encountering the Sinclairs in the wild.

This puppet originally appeared in Monster Maker. A photo caption in No Strings Attached refers to this creature as a demon.


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