PERFORMER James Conway

The Prince is the suitor and true love of the princess in the Mother Goose Stories episode "Humpty Dumpty". He longs to marry the the princess; however, her father has passed a law stating only the person who can create a riddle which his majesty cannot answere will earn his daughter's hand in marriage.

The prince tries to devise a suitable riddle; however, Humpty Dumpty is effortlessly able to solve each one of the prince's riddles. Humpty tries to invent a riddle of his own to win the princess' hand in marriage. However, when Humpty falls to his demise before being able to pose his question to the king, he inspires the prince with a riddle to stump the king, thus allowing the prince to marry his true love.

Although the prince is unnamed in Henson's adaptation, the character is known as Master Gracington in L. Frank Baum's original version of the tale.

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