Puppetry journal

Vol 34, No 3, March 1983

The Puppetry Journal is the official magazine of the Puppeteers of America, Inc. The magazine is published four times a year, in Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer.

Jim Henson and members of the Muppet Workshop have been featured in the magazine many times.

  • Winter 2001: Muppetfest: Reports by Michael Dixon, Sam Hale, and Brian Stokes
  • Fall 2005: Cover story, "In the Company of Genius - 50 years of Jim Henson's Muppets", by Paul Eide, with Steve Abrams, from an interview with Jerry Juhl
  • Spring 2007: "Go Wild and Draw - A Conversation with Muppet Designer Ed Eyth", by Patrick Johnson with Carrie Hayward
  • Fall 2008: "Digital Puppetry and the Jim Henson Studio", by Paul Eide
  • Fall 2009: Cover story, "Celebrating an Amazing 40 Years on Sesame Street," edited by Paul Eide