Written by Keith Vernon Textor
Jim Henson
Publisher Scott Textor Music Publishing, Inc.
EKA Episode 0234
Sesame Street Queen of 6

Sesame Street Queen of 6

"The Queen of Six."

The Queen of Six is a stop-motion animated short produced for Sesame Street by Jim Henson. Similar to "The King of Eight," the short focuses on the domain of the Queen of 6, wherein everything exists in denominations of 6. In contrast to the comedy and jazz drumming of "The King of Eight," the short has a more serene, fairy tale quality, with kittens and flowers replacing slapstick, even though the song is still done in a jazzy manner. The narrator is William "Rosko" Mercer.

Don Sahlin helped out on "The Queen of Six", and talked about his work in a 1976 interview for "Closeup Magazine":

THE QUEEN OF SIX was filmed on a rug, to simulate grass, and the backgrounds were all painted cardboard. The Queen figure was about 13 inches tall and I wanted her to have a very baroque, dresden sort of look. Her hoop skirt was a big lampshade that I put brocade on. She had a beautiful Marie Antoinette wig that I made out of silver thread, and I used one of those plastic Easter eggs you can buy for her head.[1]



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