DEBUT 1978

The Rhymies were three Anything Muppets with shaggy hair who appeared in two Sesame Street sketches in the late 1970s. Their name derives from the fact that they speak entirely in rhyme.

Their names were Larry (made from a Lavender Anything Muppet), Mary (made from a Green Anything Muppet), and Barry (made from a Fat Blue Anything Muppet). While Mary and Larry had positive attitudes, Barry often complained (which sometimes got the other two annoyed).

The Rhymies had various performers, including: Jerry Nelson and Bob Payne as Mary, Richard Hunt and Frank Oz as Larry, and Jim Henson and Jerry Nelson as Barry.


Picture First Appearance Description
Episode 1149 The Rhymies At Sea
The Rhymies go sailing, until the boat sinks and they wind up calling for help.
Episode 1389 The Rhymies Go Camping
The Rhymies camp in the woods. Mary and Larry cook the fish they caught earlier, and talk cheerfully about their day so far. Barry, however, complains that he's under the weather and decides to leave. Eventually, a bear (performed by Richard Hunt) wreaks havoc on their camp--forcing all three Rhymies to flee.
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