Kermit meets the star of The Roquefort Files

The Rockford Files was a popular NBC detective series which ran from 1974 until 1980, starring James Garner as private eye Jim Rockford. He returned for a series of eight Rockford Files TV movies between 1994 and 1999.


  • In episode 422 of The Muppet Show, Kermit encounters a group of cheeses, most of whom try to audition with songs like "Gouda Gouda." One large wheel of cheese (played by Steve Whitmire) assures Kermit he doesn't sing, since he's on a TV series: "The Roquefort Files."


  • Luis Avalos played Alvin Sudakis in the TV movie If It Bleeds... It Leads (1999)
  • Lauren Bacall played Kendall Warren in "Lions, Tigers, Monkeys and Dogs" pts. 1-2 (1979)
  • Reza Badiyi directed seven episodes between 1977 and 1979
  • Ned Beatty played Leon Fielder in "Profit and Loss," pts. 1-2 (1974) and Al Brennan in "Return to the 38th Parallel" (1976)
  • Donald Billett played Dan Shevelson in "Profit and Loss," pt. 1 (1974) and Gilbert Univaso in "Pastoria Prime Pick" (1975)
  • James Cromwell played Terry in "The Countess" (1974)
  • Conchata Ferrell played Ella Mae White in "Crackback" (1977)
  • Harold Gould played Mr. Brockelman in "Never Send a Boy King to Do a Man's Job," pts. 1-2 (1979)
  • Bruce Kirby played Carl Lemay in "The Big Ripoff" (1974), Aaron Friedler in "The Real Easy Red Dog," and Sid Loft in "The Paper Palace" (1978)
  • Steve Landesberg played Kenny Hollywood in "There's One in Every Port" (1977)
  • Hal Linden played Ernie Landale in the TV movie If It Bleeds... It Leads (1999)
  • Robert Mandan played Charles Blackhorn in "Where's Houston?" (1976)
  • Rita Moreno played Rita Capcovic in three episodes (1978-1979) and the TV movie If It Bleeds... It Leads (1999)
  • Tommy Morgan played harmonica on the theme song
  • Jenny O'Hara played an operator in "The Reincarnation of Angie" (1975)
  • Reni Santoni played Perry in "A Different Drummer" (1979)
  • Richard Schaal played Leonard Blair in "Caledonia - It's Worth a Fortune!" (1974)
  • Avery Schreiber played Azie Boyajian in "Rattlers' Class of '63"
  • Tom Selleck played Lance White in "White on White and Nearly Perfect" (1978) and "Nice Guys Finish Dead" (1979)
  • Scott Walker played Hilliard in "The Return of the Black Shadow" (1979)
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