The Book of Dinosaur (Note the bottle of correction fluid)

The Sacred Book of Dinosaur is an ancient book of dinosaur lore and customs, as featured in two early Dinosaurs episodes, "Episode 105: The Howling" and "The Golden Child".

Earl Sinclair described it in "The Howling" as having been written by "some sacred guy," while an Elder in "The Golden Child" calls it "the wisdom of the ages handed down from the beginning of time." The book contains many customs which dinosaurs are commanded to obey (but none so important as the Howling) and various prophecies, which prove in reality to be either metaphorical or of dubious accuracy.

In "The Howling" it causes a different kind of end to civilization as male dinosaurs become increasingly angry and vicious with each other. In "The Golden Child" is foretold that the king of the dinosaurs would be a child with a golden horn, much like the one that had grown out of Baby Sinclair's head, and the child would be born of a noble mother and wise and courageous father. When the Elders realize that Earl is neither couragous nor wise, white-out is used to alter the book's words, correcting the description to read "father shall be a blithering idiot."