Music by Sam Pottle
Lyrics by David Axlerod
Publisher Sesame Street Inc.
First Episode 0812

"The Sad Princess" is a musical story read by Luis on Sesame Street.

In a faraway land, a beautiful princess (played by Judy Collins in one of her many guest appearances on the show) has a number of hard-working, happy subjects. Luis reads in the book that the princess is very happy, but the princess interrupts him. "Don't believe everything you read!" she cries, throwing the book away. "The fact is, I'm sick of being clean. I'm sick of being lovely... and I'm one sad princess." Her subjects insist that she must be happy, because she's a beautiful princess. She sings a sad song, explaining that she's very bored just sitting around and watching them work. She offers to join her subjects in their work. They object that she might tear her dress, or get dirty, but she says that she'd love to get dirty. The subjects are thrilled to have "a beautiful, working princess". Luis shrugs and says that they lived happily ever after, although the subjects point out that that's a general statement-- they have good days and bad days. The princess asks Luis to move so that she can fix his chair.


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