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The toys in the playroom


Jim Henson's Secret Life of Toys was a 1994 series based on the 1986 TV special The Christmas Toy. Each of the 13 30-minute episodes consisted of two 15-minute stories. The show was taped in Monheim, Germany (near the Dutch border), and aired on the Disney Channel.


Main characters:

  • Rugby Tiger: A plucky tiger plush toy who is always looking for an adventure. Performed by Dave Goelz
  • Mew: Rugby's good friend who is a catnip mouse toy that belongs to the family cat. Performed by Nigel Plaskitt
  • Raisin: A tomboyish rag doll. Performed by Louise Gold
  • Hortense: A fretful rocking horse. Performed by Louise Gold
  • Ditz: A clown plush toy who can easily get mixed up. Performed by Dave Goelz
  • Balthazar: A really old bear plush toy who is very wise. He functions as a father-like leader to the toys, and tells them when it's safe for them to move: "All clear, everyone! They're gone!". Performed by Jerry Nelson

Other characters include:

  • Daffodil: A breakable princess doll who lives on the top shelf; nobody really understands her. Performed by Louise Gold.
  • Bunny Lamp: Takes care of the lighting in the toy room and warns the toys when people are coming. Performed by Mike Quinn.
  • Bratty Rat: A shifty rat who was purchased at a secondhand store. Performed by Jerry Nelson.
  • Eggie: A dimwitted Humpty-Dumpty-like toy egg who thinks eggs are the smartest creatures in the world.
  • Humble Gary: An extremely humble tiger. Performed by Mike Quinn.
  • Datz: A paper bag puppet that looks like his brother Ditz. Performed by Jerry Nelson.
  • Cruiser: Looks like a Fisher Price Little People figure who drives a taxi. He loves to use cool slang words. His motto is: "A dollar on the drop, and ten cents for any additional miles."
  • Bleep: A toy robot who sometimes freezes during his speech.



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