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Written by Emily Perl Kingsley, Jeffrey Moss, Norman Stiles and Daniel Wilcox
Illustrator Joseph Mathieu, Kelly Oechsli, Mel Crawford and Bob Taylor
Published 1973
Publisher Random House
Series Sesame Street Storybooks
ISBN 0-394-82694-3

The Sesame Street 1, 2, 3 Storybook is a 1973 compilation of ten Sesame Street stories, each one about a different number.


  1. "Bert's Bath": Ernie wants Bert to go play football with him, but Bert wants to take a bath. Ernie keeps adding things to Bert's tub until there is no room left. Since Bert can no longer take a bath, Ernie invites him to go play football instead.
  2. Sherlock Hemlock in "The Mysterious Stranger"
  3. "The Monster's Three Wishes"
  4. "Oscar and the Number Four"
  5. "Sam Shows Big Bird Five"
  6. "Six Monsters in the Restaurant"
  7. "Goldie-Snuffle and the Seven Bears"
  8. "King Hungry the Eighth"
  9. "The Story of the Nine Dragons"
  10. "Grover Buys Ten Balloons"


The book's preface introduces readers to The Count, who loves this book because it is filled with so many wonderful things to count. Each story is followed by a full page illustration of The Count counting various items and inviting the reader to do likewise.

  1. As a cowboy, The Count rides and counts one horse.
  2. The Count as a parachuter counts two airplanes.
  3. The Count counts three adorable birdies while sitting in their nest.
  4. The Count, dressed as an Eskimo, counts four sled dogs.
  5. The Count as a chef flips and counts five delicious pancakes.
  6. The Count hangs upside down from a tree branch and counts six monkeys.
  7. The Count, disguised as a scarecrow, counts seven crows.
  8. The Count, dressed in scuba gear, counts eight octopus arms.
  9. The Count as an astronaut counts nine flying saucers.
  10. As a ringmaster, The Count counts ten elephants at the circus. (Jim Henson, Frank Oz, Kermit Love and Michael Frith make illustrated cameos.)

The stories, as well as the interstitials, were later reprinted in The Sesame Street Library.

Artist Credits

Joe Mathieu: "Six Monsters in the Restaurant", "The Story of the Nine Dragons", Count von Count intro pages, back cover

Kelly Oechsli: "The Monster's Three Wishes", "King Hungry the Eighth"

Mel Crawford: "Bert's Bath", "Oscar and the Number Four", 2-page illustration for endpapers

Bob Taylor: "Sherlock Hemlock in The Mysterious Stranger", "Sam Shows Big Bird Five", "Goldie-Snuffle and the Seven Bears", "Grover Buys Ten Balloons"

Michael K. Frith (uncredited): Front cover


Bert, Betty Lou, Big Bird, The Busby Twins, Cookie Monster, Count von Count, Ernie, Farley, Frazzle, The Genie, Grover, Guy Smiley, Herry Monster, Little Bird, The Mudman, Oscar the Grouch, Roosevelt Franklin, Sam the Robot, Sherlock Hemlock, Mr. Snuffleupagus, and Tony.


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