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Sesame street cookbook 1.jpg
Written by Pat Tornborg
Illustrator Robert Dennis
Published 1978
Publisher Grosset & Dunlap
ISBN 0448476371

The Sesame Street Cookbook is a 1978 Sesame Street book that features recipes and advice from all of the Sesame friends.


  • A La Peanut Butter Soup!: The Amazing Mumford discusses Grandmother Mumford's recipe.
  • Little Quiches: Grover thinks Betty Lou wants to give him a kiss, not a quiche.
  • Tossed Salad: Grover throws the salad, to Betty Lou's dismay.
  • Sweet Kisses: Grover offers to shake Betty Lou's hand instead.
  • Oscar's Sardine Specialties: Oscar's trash can is floating in the ocean, and Oscar comments that Grouches like sardines because they "come in a can and have a bad reputation!" Sardine and Orange Salad, Sardines in Cucumber Canoes, and Sardine and Pickle on Pumpernickel are the recipes.
  • Tele-grahams: Cookie Monster, Bert, Betty Lou as a postal worker, Big Bird, Count von Count and Sherlock Hemlock comment.
  • Delicious Dishes
  • Strawberry Mousse
  • The Count's Twenty is Plenty Log
  • Un-cookies
  • Grover's Flights of Fancy: As Grover flies his plane in the sky, he imagines the sun as a Sun Jelly Sundae and the moon as a Full Moon Salad--both of which are gelatine dishes.
  • Oscar's Junk Food Pie
  • Prairie Dawn's Popcorn Pudding
  • Rubber Duckie Floats
  • Snuffle's Truffles
  • Mrs. Wiggins' Alpha Betty
  • Monster Melon
  • Shake It Awake
  • Bert's Best Breakfasts: Ernie watches a show on TV, "The Dull Breakfast" (a continuning "cereal", according to Ernie), while Bert makes oatmeal soup and oatmeal burgers.
  • Secret Dreams
  • Big Bird's Sesame Treats
  • It's Very Easy Bean Green: Oscar and Prairie Dawn discuss a recipe involving green beans flavored with lemon juice and relish.
  • Herry Monster's Mood Food: Herry showcases that it's hard to tell people how he feels just by looking at him.
  • Snuffle-load in a Spaghetti Nest
  • Sherlock Hemlock's "P" Soup
  • Twiddle-burgers with Topping
  • Count Your Dressings
  • Big Bird's Best Nests
  • Little Bird's Nest Fillings


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  • The book was published under Grosset's "Platt & Munk" name.
  • The book was designed by Sallie Baldwin and Frank Scully of Bob Antler & Sallie Baldwin, Inc.