The Sesame Street Magic Numbers Set is a 1988 Sesame Street Colorforms set. Text on the box promises, "Here's a fun way to magically learn your numbers with Colorforms' plastic 'tricks'. Little magicians can count objects and see them turn magically into the right number."

Each trick is a piece printed in red, black and white, with a picture of objects to count -- three keys, four monsters, seven balloons, etc. When the piece is viewed through a sheet of red film, a young magician can count the number of objects. Twisting a knob to move the piece under a sheet of green film, the magician reveals the correct number.

The art on the box and the playboard show Big Bird, Grover and the Count as magicians. The tricks include pictures of Oscar the Grouch, Frazzle, Cookie Monster and five Twiddlebugs.

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