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Active October 14, 2020 -
Type official audio podcast
Creator Sesame Workshop

The Sesame Street Podcast with Foley & Friends is an audio podcast from Sesame Street, released exclusively on Audible. It premiered on the service on October 14, 2020, with 15 episodes running through December.

The podcast is hosted by a new monster character Foley and her sidekick, Mikee the Microphone. Each episode centers around specific topics such as birthdays or the alphabet, with regular features like "Elmo's Joke of the Day," game shows, and original songs. Other Muppet characters, including Cookie Monster, Big Bird, and Grover, appear as guests.

Following the release of the first season, the podcast was renewed for a second and third season, each with 15 episodes. The second season will premiere January 27, 2022, along with a Spanish translation of the first season.[1]


Picture Description
Episode One: ABCs (October 14, 2020)

HELLO-EE-O! Foley welcomes Big Bird and the letters A, B, and C into the studio.

Characters: Foley, Mikee, Big Bird, Letter A (Matt Vogel), Letter B (Megan Piphus), Letter C (Ryan Dillon), Elmo, Oscar the Grouch, Fluffy

Songs: "The Alphabet Song," "Letter A Jingle," "ABC-DEF-GHI"

Episode Two: Animal Talk (October 20, 2020)

MEOW! Elmo joins Foley with special guests Big Bird and some furry friends.

Characters: Foley, Mikee, Elmo, Big Bird

Songs: "Old MacDonald" (from Episode 4605), "Letter Q Jingle," "Sing" (Misseri Studio animation)

Episode Three: Superheros (October 22, 2020)

TA-DA! Foley, Elmo, and Super Grover celebrate all kinds of heroes.

Characters: Foley, Mikee, Elmo, Wonder Chicken, Super Grover

Songs: "Everyday Hero," "Letter F Jingle"

Episode Four: Monsters (October 27, 2020)

BOO! Foley helps Grover face the not-so-scary Monster at the end of the podcast.

Characters: Foley, Mikee, Gonger, Two-Headed Monster (impression only), Grover, Elmo, Cookie Monster, Grover's Mommy

Songs: "The Lovable Monsters of Sesame Street" (edited), "Letter M Jingle," "Fur" (remake, edited)

Episode Five: Birthday (October 29, 2020)

OM NOM! Foley and Gonger plan something special for Cookieโ€™s birthday!

Characters: Foley, Mikee, Gonger, Cookie Monster, Elmo

Songs: "Happy Birthday Song," "Letter P Jingle," "Cookie" (edited)

Episode Six: Doctor (November 3, 2020)

Say AH! Foley and Elmo play pretend to help Mikee feel better about a visit.

Characters: Foley, Mikee, Elmo, Caller #1 (Frankie Cordero), Caller #2 (Megan Piphus), Bella D. Beauregard (Stephanie D'Abruzzo)

Songs: "Waiting Room Song," "Letter D Jingle," "Doctors Song"

Episode Seven: Bedtime (November 5, 2020)

ZZZ! Abby Cadabby and Rudy share their special bedtime routines.

Episode Eight: Nature (November 10, 2020)

BUZZ! Foleyโ€™s plans for a nature walk with Elmo change when it rains.

Episode Nine: Music (November 12, 2020)

TRA LA LA! Ernie, Bert, and Rosita get musical with Foley and Mikee.

Episode Ten: Imagination (November 17, 2020)

WOW! Foley and Elmo play make believe with Big Bird and friends.

Songs: "In Your Imagination"

Episode Eleven: Food (November 19, 2020)

YUM! Cookie Monster and Gonger cook up yummy food rainbows for Foley.

Episode Twelve: Vehicles (November 24, 2020)

ZOOM! Foley invites Zoe to the podcast to talk transportation. Honk honk!

Episode Thirteen: Nursery Rhymes (December 1, 2020)

ZIPPITY ZAP! Abby and Maryโ€™s little lamb bring rhyming fun to Foley.

Episode Fourteen: Feelings (December 3, 2020)

HA HA! Foley and Elmo share their feelings with special guest Count von Count.

Episode Fifteen: Family (December 10, 2020)

AWW! Foley and Mikee take it to the street to greet the whole Sesame Street family.


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