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The Sesame Street Treasury was a series of books sold in supermarkets consisting of fifteen volumes published in 1983 by Funk & Wagnalls. Using the usual writers and artists, each entry was a collection of stories and activities, most carried over from The Sesame Street Library, various books in the Sesame Street Storybooks series, and The Sesame Street Cookbook, among others. Excerpts from Linda Bove's Sign Language Fun and The Sesame Street 1981 Mother Goose Calendar were included in each volume.

In contrast to the earlier Library collection, each cover featured a View-Master photograph instead of a Joe Mathieu illustration. New material, found in every issue, included one-page character profiles (art by Mary Grace Eubank) and a two-page "Say it in Spanish!" feature (illustrated by Maggie Swanson). A handful of original stories were also included.

The inside covers placed characters in a square pattern arranged amongst the letters of the alphabet and the last page always featured Oscar and Big Bird commentary; art in both cases was by Joe Mathieu.


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