PATTERN Lavender

In one of his Sesame Street News Flash segments, Kermit the Frog visits the house that sets the scene for the classic fairy tale The Elves and the Shoemaker. The owner of the house and his wife are sleeping upstairs, but Kermit talks so loudly that he awakens him, and he yells down to him to keep it down. But when the noise continues, he and his wife come downstairs to see what's wrong and find that their three elf friends, Squeaky, Sneaky, and Leaky, have come to call, and brought with them, not shoes, as the story says, but some things that rhyme with shoe, such as cauldron of stew, a canoe, and a stuffed kangaroo. But they're used to this. The shoemaker's pumpkin wife recalls some gifts the elves gave them in the past. Moreover, the shoemaker isn't even concerned about being out of the shoe business. He says he wasn't that good at it in the first place and may see about becoming a lawyer instead. He then tells Kermit he's trespassing and rather rudely shoos him out of the house.