Skreet and Yeager

Skreet undercover as a goat

Yeager undercover as a farmer

The Simian Undercover Detective Squad (or S.U.D.S.) is a webseries produced by The Jim Henson Company under its Henson Alternative banner. Fifteen webisodes premiered exclusively on the Xbox and Zune networks in April 2011.

The series was one of three Henson productions being produced as a joint venture between Warner Bros. Studio 2.0 for The Realplayer Network's On December 19, 2007, a teaser trailer for the show was released. The series was originally planned to debut on in in the first quarter of 2008, however the release was delayed.

The episode "It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Goat", was released as a preview on YouTube on August 25, 2009.

In April 2011 the series was released to the Microsoft Zune Video Marketplace. In 2012 episodes were re-released on The Nerdist Channel.



Skreet, performed by Allan Trautman, is one of the stars of S.U.D.S. As part of the Simian Undercover Detective Squad, Skreet works side-by-side with Yeager. He often goes undercover as part of his job, usually dressing as animals or women. description:

Skreet is a veteran bad cop and resident loose cannon who'd just as soon punch a crook in the face as spit on him...of course he'd rather do both. Skreet doesn't play by the rules but if you find yourself in the urban jungle, he's the monkey you want on your back.[1]

The ape puppet used for Skreet was previously seen as both Jackie and Lawrence the orangutans on The Animal Show and as Professor Ape in the company's Puppet Up! - Uncensored stage shows.


Yeager, performed by Ted Michaels, is the other star of S.U.D.S. As part of the Simian Undercover Detective Squad, Yeager works side-by-side with Skreet. description:

Yeager is a fresh good cop and S.U.D.S. legacy, the green banana with a heart of gold. He may not be the sharpest leaf on the tree but undercover work is in his blood.[2]

The monkey puppet used for Yeager was designed by Gene Barretta and was originally used as Spank in the unaired Henson Alternative pilot Late Night Buffet with Augie and Del.


Fifteen webisodes were planned to premiere on in 2009

  • Teaser trailer (, December 19, 2007)
  • Episode 1: "It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Goat" (YouTube preview, August 25, 2009)

Series Credits

Executive Producers:

Brian Henson
Lisa Henson

Written, Directed and Produced by:

Deb Loftis
Perry Sachs

Produced by:

Allyson Smith


Allan Trautman as Skreet
Ted Michaels as Yeager
Michael Oosterom as The Perps
Paul Rugg as Captain Futz
Esteban Powell as Spider
Craig Di Francia as Johnny

Also starring:

Zand Broumand
Gina D'Acciaro
Bryce Johnson
Marisa Petroro
Jerry Trainor

Special Guest Star:

Josh Peck as himself

Music composer and producers:

Daryl Orange

Production designer:

Tom Lisowski

Puppet costume design:

Julie Zobel

Director of photography:

Robert C. Webb

Sound by:

Reza Moosavi


Tirawan Howard


Heather O'Boyle


Perry Sachs

Assistant Director:

JT Codd

2nd Assistant Director:

Tom Dean

Camera Operator:

Jesse Bactat

1st Assistant Camera:

Bryan Ariel Paz

Camera/editorial Assistant:

Patrick Renfro

Set Decorator:

Shira Gotshalk


Eric S. Boland

Key Grip:

Jason Wheeler


Steven Davis
Charles R. Matthews
Fernando F. Montes

Script Supervisors:

Liz Trainor
Candelaria Herrera


Zarac Lompart

Production Accountant:

Brittan Brown

Production Assistant:

Cynthia Barron


Howard Sharp

Johan filla

Executive Producer for Studio 2.0:

Rich Rosenthal

Production Manager for Studio 2.0:

Cassie Hamilton

Supervising Producer for

Michael McMurray

Special thanks to:

Nashid Ali
Jay Pinder
Kendall Wilson
Gabe Benvenuto
Kulia Sachs


The Jim Henson Company Studios, Hollywood, CA


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