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DEBUT 1976

The Six Dollar Man is (just barely) a robot built by Professor Nucleus Von Fission. In a Sesame Street News Flash, Kermit interviews the professor, who describes in detail how his mechanical man was built using parts that only cost him a total of six (presumably U.S.) dollars, including tax.

When the contraption is turned on, it has no apparent motor control and proceeds to wreck Von Fission's laboratory (to the professor's delight). When Kermit complains that the robot is a failure, the professor asks, "Well, what do you expect for six dollars?"

The concept itself is a spoof of 1970s sci-fi television series The Six Million Dollar Man.


  • The Six Dollar Man is made of the following objects:
    • a bowling ball for the head (which cost $1.38)
    • a scouring pad for the hair ($0.59)
    • a cork for the nose ($0.25)
    • an olive oil can for the chest and stomach area ($1.59)
    • hinges for the shoulder joint ($0.10)
    • drain pipes for the arms and legs ($0.50 a yard)
    • spoons for the hands ($0.35)
    • spatulas for the feet ($0.79)