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The Skrumps is a Jim Henson Company digital project based on characters created as action figures by John Chandler. The Skrumps features real-time computer-generated puppets, using the Henson Digital Performance System. From a character-development Improv session (including lead puppeteers Allan Trautman, Julianne Buescher, Victor Yerrid, and Brian Henson), a pitch tape was shot in October 2006 to test the show and characters.[1]

Several short videos, including a music video, "Dance Without Feet", and three character video-blogs, were produced and distributed on Yahoo! Kids in January 2007 to launch the brand. Four more videos were posted on Yahoo! Kids in July 2007, and three more appeared in August 2007. The Skrumps were featured in their first interactive game which launched on Yahoo! Kids in March 2008.


  • Wishbone is a blue Skrump, and the lead singer and guitarist of the band Grumblebelly. Wishbone is a dreamer, an optimist and a stargazer. His dream is to become a famous rock star with millions of adoring fans. He is the lead singer and guitarist of the band Grumblebelly and just squeezes by on the money he makes doing odd jobs. Wishbone started out playing the saxophone, but soon stoped when he learned that 90% of Skrumps hate the sound of the sax.
  • Skrumpy is a small red Skrump, the drummer of Grumblebelly. Skrumpy is Wishbone's roommate, and spends life under the wing of his charismatic buddy. Always feisty and ready for action, Skrumpy accompanies Wishbone on his many adventures in life. He is a hard core rocker who drums in Wishbone’s band and accepts no creative compromise. He is very loyal to Wishbone and willing to face any adversity that may come their way. Skrumpy talks in meeps and beeps (similar to Beaker) which are often translated by Wishbone. He enjoys growing hot peppers, which he loves to eat, and has even won competitions for his horticultural skills.
  • Raisins is an awkwardly shy, teal Skrump who lets loose a Heavy Metal singing voice only when completely alone in the closet. She is smart, sensible and very helpful. Raisins has a huge crush on Wishbone, and always wants to tag along on his many adventures. She always seems to manage to anger Skrumpy enough to have him leave in a huff so she can be alone with her one true love. Her talents tend to go utterly unrecognized by the ego of Wishbone, but deep down inside, Wishbone knows that he would be lost without her. She loves cooking and eating organic food, as she believes her body is her non-denominational temple. She is currently into Buddhism, photography and inventing stuff. Raisins is very mechanical and enjoys fixing things (including cars and computers); but she also has an artistic side and spends time writing poetry and deep, meaningful lyrics she will use to one day sing with the band.

Yahoo! Kids content[]

"Dance Without Feet" (January 10, 2007)
"Dance Without Feet" 2:23 A music video from Grumblebelly's song "Dance Without Feet". The video was directed by Brian Henson. Wishbone sings vocals and plays guitar while Skrumpy plays drums.
Meet The Skrumps (January 10, 2007)
Meet Wishbone 1:28 A video blog entry by Wishbone.
Meet Skrumpy 1:20 A video blog entry by Skrumpy.
Meet Raisins 2:12 A video blog entry by Raisins.
The Origins of Grumblebelly (July 23, 2007)
Part 1 1:05 Wishbone's takes on telling how Wishbone and Skrumpy came up with the name for their rock band "Grumblebelly".
Part 2 1:24 Skrumpy's version of how he thinks that he came up with the name "Grumblebelly".
Part 3 1:12 Raisins explains the truth behind the name "Grumblebelly".
God-Like Moves (July 23, 2007)
God-Like Moves 2:39 The Skrumps give an inside look at they come up with their electrifying moves for Grumblebelly concerts.
Skrump Dreams (August 30, 2007)
Wishbone's Dreams 1:15 Wishbone posts a video blog describing his dreams and goals.
Skrumpy's Dreams 1:57 Skrumpy (with the help of Wishbone) describes his dreams and goals in a video blog entry.
Raisins' Dreams 1:32 Raisins shares her goals and dreams in a special video blog.
The Cheeseburger Incident (September 12, 2007)
Part 1 1:47 Raisans gives her side of the story.
Part 2 2:21 Skrumpy gives his side of the story.
Part 3 1:46 Wishbone gives his side of the story.
Raisins' Hidden Camera (October 4, 2007)
Skrumpy in the Bathroom 1:23 Raisins shares a candid and potentially controversial moment captured by hidden camera.
Skrumpy & Wishbone's Rebuttal 1:09 Skrumpy vents his frustration towards Raisins for filming him in one of his most vulnerable moments and posting it on the Internet
Raisins' Justification 0:22 Raisians gives her side of the story.
Skrumpy's Hidden Camera (October 24, 2007)
Raisins Doing Yoga 1:48 Wishbone and Skrumpy post some embarrassing video of Raisins caught on hidden camera.
Raisins' Rebuttal 0:31 In a video blog entry, Raisins expresses her deep resentment towards Wishbone and Skrumpy for depicting her in a most unflattering light.
Skrumpy's Rebuttal to Raisins' Rebuttal 1:32 Skrumpy tells his side of the story.
Yahoo Kids! Games (March 29, 2008)
"Red Hot Skrumpy Drummer" N/A An interactive game where players collect peppers to help Skrumpy create a hot sauce while he plays the drums to Grumblebelly's song "Dance Without Feet".


Also involved was Halle Stanford, head of children's television, The Jim Henson Company.


  1. James, Greg. Henson Brings Skrumps to Life. The Muppet Newsflash. November 14, 2006

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