PERFORMER Jerry Nelson
DEBUT 1996

The Snoozer was featured in the Wubbulous World episode "The Snoozer". Popularly perceived as just a large statue of a sleeping figure, people ignore him and treat the Snoozer as merely a place to sit, rest, and play games.

One day, the Snoozer was missing and Jane Kangaroo blamed Yertle the Turtle (who wanted to build a statue in place of the Snoozer) and even held Horton the Elephant and Morton the Elephant Bird accountable as accomplices when they claimed that Yertle didn't do it. This leads to the confrontation at a cave where the Snoozer was sleeping. The Snoozer awakens during the commotion and tells Horton, Morton, Yertle, Jane and her son Junior Kangaroo that he's a "Plunket" and they plunk right down for 100 years. Jane still doesn't believe it but the Snoozer persuades her.

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