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Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman

In February of 2019, Deadline reported that The Jim Henson Company was developing a "comeback" of Jim Henson's 1987 TV series The StoryTeller.[1] The report was circulated by the Henson Company on social media as well as genre author Neil Gaiman who was announced as a writer on the re-imagining.[2]

Production studio Fremantle, who is partnering with Henson to develop the series for TV, did not disclose distribution details (such as a network or platform), but stated that the company would be "making sure it reaches the broadest audience possible."[1]

Fremantle's Dante Di Loreto was named as working closely with Lisa Henson who developed the original StoryTeller in the 1980s, and noted that the series would continue to adapt fairy tales. Gaiman added that the format would be updated "to work for the binging kind of viewer of today". He added that there is a wish to bring back actors from the original and expressed an interest in exploring the Storyteller's backstory.[1]


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