Written by Stephanie St. Pierre
Published 1991
Publisher Dell Publishing
Series A Dell Yearling Biography
ISBN 0440404533

The Story of Jim Henson, Creator of the Muppets is a 106-page biography of Jim Henson. It was written by Stephanie St. Pierre, a childhood friend of Henson's oldest daughter, Lisa Henson. Although the book was in production before Jim Henson died, it wasn't finished and released until 1991, a year after his death.


  • Author's Note
  • A River of Rainbows
  • Down by the Creek
  • Puppets and Television
  • On the Air
  • Partners
  • A Creative Family
  • How They Got to Sesame Street
  • HA! Hi! HO!
  • A Frog with a Dream
  • Superstars
  • Fantastic Worlds
  • New Directions
  • It's a Good Life
  • Highlights in the Life of Jim Henson


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