Swinetrek deep dish nine
Swinetrek deep dish nine bridge

Although not referred to by name on-screen, The Swinetrek is the implied name of the second model of starship for space-faring pigs as seen in Pigs in Space: Deep Dish Nine on Muppets Tonight.

Much like its predecessor, the original Swinetrek on The Muppet Show, this craft has been built in the shape of a pig. The re-positioned propulsion engines give the ship an added resemblance to The Sphinx.

The bridge of the ship, again similar to the first of its name, houses three chairs positioned behind a control console. Above the large viewscreen behind the crew can be found an embossed symbol of some kind, similar to the pig logo on the crew uniforms. Other features of the ship include artificial gravity which can be turned on and off again at the will of its crew, and a weapons locker housing various ray-guns.

Its full crew complement is unknown, but consist primarily of Captain Pighead (pronounced "Pee-zhay"), Commander Piggy, and Lieutenant Craniac, who are later joined by Snorty and an A.I. computer.

The ship holds the distinction of having once been invaded by the dreaded Princess Vendela, who kidnaps the male members of the crew who leave their posts to become willing slaves.


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