The Telephone Pole Bit was a recurring topic in episode 108 of The Muppet Show. Scooter suggests to Fozzie Bear that he do "The Telephone Pole Bit", telling Fozzie that it's a classic. The routine features Fozzie as a telephone. After being mistaken for a telephone pole while rehearsing backstage, Fozzie reluctantly performs the bit on stage.

The bit consists of Fozzie dressed as a telephone pole on stage. Scooter enters and asks Fozzie his name, to which Fozzie replies "Mike Oznowiski." Scooter delivers the punchline "Ah, so you're the telephone Pole!"

After seeing the performance, Waldorf comments that Fozzie has never been better, while Statler adds that Fozzie also hasn't been shorter. Waldorf says "Same difference".