The Teppums are extraterrestrial doppelgangers to the Muppets featured in the "Outer Space" episode of The Jim Henson Hour. Their names are backward versions of familiar Muppet characters (Teppum itself being "Muppet" spelled backwards), including Timrek the Gorf (Kermit) and Oznog (Gonzo). Teppum versions of Vicki, Digit and Leon are also seen, as well as versions of Bootsie and Brad.

Their fur and skin appear to be a hue-shifted image of the original characters', but they otherwise look and act the same. They have a propensity for wearing odd hats.

The Teppums have their own show, broadcast on a different planet, which Digit is able to access. They appear on a monitor and sing "Chattanooga Choo-Choo" with the Muppets.

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