In the song "The Treasure Hunt", Big Bird and the Kids are going on a treasure hunt at summer camp. Their counselor Louise is their guide, and clues are scattered all over the camp on pieces of paper. When Big Bird reads the first clue, he thinks it says "poison", but Louise tells him it says "poisson", which is French for "fish", so they go to the lake. Big Bird thinks the next clue says "liver", but Louise says that it's "livre", which means "book". So they go to the office, which has a little library in it. The next clue says "pain", so Big Bird thinks they should go to the hospital. But Louise tells him that it's pronounced "pan", which means "bread", so they go to the kitchen. They don't find any more clues, but Mike, another counselor, gives them some bread he just baked. Big Bird finds a piece of paper in his piece of bread, and after he tries to read the French phrase on it, he asks Mike for help. Mike reads it, and it says, "Voici le trésor!", which means, "Here is the treasure!" Louise says that they also have some "beurre d'arachide", or peanut butter.