The Tubmans of Porksmith was a recurring segment seen on the first season of Muppets Tonight. The sketches featured the comical misadventures of Howard Tubman (a rich food-loving pig) and Carter (his dry-witted butler). The series was retitled in the second season as Boarshead Revisited.

These segments were produced as UK spots, and were not included in the original American broadcasts of the show on ABC, but they were later included in reruns on The Disney Channel.

An announcer opened each sketch with "And now the continuing saga of America's oldest and fattest family - the Tubmans of Porksmith."


Picture Theme / Episode Description
Push the Plunger
Episode 102: Garth Brooks
When Howard becomes stuck in his chair, he calls for a handyman to free him. Upon discovering Howard's tremendous girth, the handyman realizes that the only solution is to "blast" him out of the chair with dynamite. Despite initial reluctance (largely because the explosion might "burn the pot roast"), Howard agrees. The handyman hands him a detonator, or plunger, and picks up some explosive charges, commenting that "all he has to do is press the plunger." Howard takes this as an instruction and blows the handyman up. The explosion makes him hungry, so he requests Carter bring in the pot roast. The butler picks up the explosive charges as he goes out, commenting that "all the poor man said was 'Press the plunger.'" Howard once again takes this literally and blows Carter up as well, leaving him with a difficult task--fetching the pot roast himself.
The Testament
Episode 103: Billy Crystal
Carter delivers a telegram to Howard which states that his great-aunt Polly has died. She has left her grand-nephew an inheritance of ten million dollars, but he can only have the money if he loses one hundred pounds by noon on Tuesday the 12th. As the telegram has arrived a few minutes before noon on Tuesday the 12th, Howard rushes to his treadmill in an attempt to quickly shed some weight. The plan ultimately fails--the intense exercise actually makes Howard gain weight--but all is well: great-aunt Polly makes a full recovery, and Howard's exercising has given him a mighty appetite, so he requests that Carter prepare chicken and dumplings.
The Robbery
Episode 106: Tony Bennett
Howard tells Carter that his trousers must be let out again (for what is apparently "the seventeenth time this year"). To celebrate the occasion, Howard suggests that they enjoy a colonial rumcake that he has been saving. Suddenly, two robbers enter, demanding Howard's gold and jewels. Howard is more than willing to sacrifice his wealth--but when the thieves open the safe that contains his rumcake, they cross the line. Howard attacks the crooks and chases them off--and later attacks Carter when he tries to take a piece of the rumcake for himself.
The Hypnotist
Episode 107: Sandra Bullock
After Howard eats an entire buffalo in one sitting, Carter brings in a doctor named Tremley to take care of his eating addiction through the power of hypnosis. After some initial difficulties (including Howard becoming hungry rather than sleepy as Tremley attempts to hypnotize him and a hula dancer emerging from within Howard's psyche as "the opening act"), Tremley successfully discovers the "thin Howard" hidden within the fat one. Unfortunately, the thin Howard is starving, so the fat Howard invites him to start eating, and happily joins in. Tremley is frustrated until he smells hot buttered yams, his favorite food.

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