Written by Marilyn Nissenson and Susan Jonas
Published 1992, 1996 re-issue
Publisher Harry N. Abrams
ISBN 0810981556

The Ubiquitous Pig is a profusely illustrated coffee-table book which explores the relationships between humans and pigs, and in particular, the depictions and treatments of pigs in art, literature, and merchandise. Notable examples given include the Three Little Pigs, Piglet from the A.A. Milne books, the pig baby in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Porky Pig, and Animal Farm.

An eight page epilogue is titled A Celebration of Miss Piggy. The chapter provides a brief history of Miss Piggy and her development as a character. Accompanying illustrations include excerpts from Miss Piggy calendars, Miss Piggy's Treasury of Art Masterpieces from the Kermitage Collection, Miss Piggy's Guide to Life, and concept art designed by Michael K. Frith, such as an unproduced telephone featuring Piggy as "The Spirit of the Telephone". Interview quotes from Calista Hendrickson and Michael K. Frith are featured, and Jane Leventhal and Jennie Lupinacci of Jim Henson Productions are acknowledged for their "generous help."

Elsewhere, the book includes Frith's unused alternate logo for Pigs in Space, and art from Frith's book Tipny-Go, which details a fictional "Boar War" based on the historical Second Boer War in South Africa.

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