The rulers of the Universe.

The Universe is a space-time continuum in which all matter and energy exist. There is disagreement over whether the universe is indeed finite or infinite in spatial extent and volume. Many astronomers and cosmologists believe the universe is infinite, due to recent findings in NASA's WMAP project supporting a flat (and therefore infinite) universe. However, the observable universe, consisting of all locations that could have affected us since the Big Bang given the finite speed of light, is certainly finite. And yet, the universe is continually expanding. It will either continue to do so forever, or reach a point at which it begins to contract, in an event dubbed by scientists as The Big Crunch.

Both popular and professional research articles in cosmology often use the term "universe" when they really mean "observable universe". This is because unobservable physical phenomena are scientifically irrelevant; that is, they cannot affect any events that we can perceive.

This space-time continuum is ruled by Pa Gorg, Ma Gorg, and Junior Gorg. Their self-claimed kingdom is only shown to be made of their castle and garden, but it is hinted that there is more to their domain in the episode "Sir Hubris and the Gorgs", as there is a legend that says the Gorgs will be forced to wander The Universe. In the same episode it was revealed that a being known as Sir Hubris was once the ruler of the universe before handing his mantle over to King Gorgus the Great when he went to explore his vast kingdom. Several depictions have been shown, such as rolling woods and meadows in the animated version of Fraggle Rock, along with cliffs and canyons in the Archaia comic story "A Throne of My Own".

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