Varsity Drag
Music by Ray Henderson
Lyrics by B.G. DeSylva & Lew Brown
Date 1927
Source musical Good News
Publisher Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation

The Varsity Drag was performed by Statler and Waldorf during Kermit's auditions for new acts in episode 208 of The Muppet Show. This was one of the few times on the show that Statler and Waldorf were seen out of their balcony. Their performance was preceded by this exchange:

Sam the Eagle: Kermit, I am appalled. Don't we have some good old-fashioned entertainment?
Kermit: Uh, Scooter?
Scooter: I can only vouch for the old part.
Kermit: Who you got?
Scooter: Statler and Waldorf.

The puppets were performed in the bunraku style to allow for appropriate dancing.

Betsy Bird dances to an instrumental version of "The Varsity Drag" in episode 505 of The Muppet Show.

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