Cookie Monster in "The Walking Gingerbread."


"The Walking Tired" (color corrected here)

Chef bowl backstage

The Swedish Chef in "The Walking Bread."

The Walking Dead is an American horror drama television series that has been running on AMC since 2010, and is based on an ongoing comic series that began in 2003. The show takes place in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by zombies and centers on a small group of survivors led by Sheriff's Deputy Rick Grimes and his family. The series has spun-off into two other series, Fear the Walking Dead and a post-show discussion program Talking Dead hosted by Chris Hardwick.


  • Issue #4 of the Sesame Street comic book features a spoof of the series entitled "The Walking Tired." Prairie Dawn, sporting a fedora, is informed that the monsters of Sesame Street have become "Walkers" (charity walkers, to be precise), who are very tired and affect others with their yawning. At one point, (mis-colored) Rosita and Zoe begin asking about the location of Carl (referencing Carl Grimes of the series). Herry Monster also appears mis-colored in the strip, as evidenced by this color corrected panel.
  • The series was spoofed in a Sesame Street segment appearing in Episode 4635 as "The Walking Gingerbread." The segment stars Cookie Monster as Sheriff Lick Graham (a pun on protagonist Rick Grimes), as he tries to keep his cookies safe from zombie-esque gingerbread men. The segment also features spoofs of characters Michonne ("Macaroon," performed by Leslie Carrara-Rudolph), Daryl Dixon ("Doughryl," performed by Tyler Bunch) and the Governor (performed by Martin P. Robinson).
  • On June 21, 2018, Uncle Deadly tweeted, "My bowling team, The Walking Deadlys, needs a song to play when we're introduced at tournaments. We can't decide what to play, but we know it will NOT be "Monster Mash."" [1]


  • In the first season episode "Tell It to the Frogs," survivors Shane and Lori have an exchange about frog's legs with Shane stating, "We'll feed these folks Cajun-style Kermit legs." With Lori retorting, "I would rather eat Miss Piggy."


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