The Watch Dog is a canine superhero from Dog City. Introduced as the title character in "Who Watches the Watch Dog?," is an old comic book hero suddenly returned to the spotlight when he appears in person to foil the Labrador Gang. He wears the image of a pocket watch on his chest, carries hourglasses which act as gas canisters, and constantly uses time and clock related gadgets and metaphors.

The Watch Dog's name is a take-off of Alan Moore's Watchmen, as are some of the themes in the episode. However, the character borrows aspects from other heroes. His costume and car recall Batman, his nickname is "The Bark Night," and his creator (and, as it turns out, alter-ego) is Fob Canine (a spoof of Batman creator Bob Kane). In the fashion of Superman, he stands for "truth, justice, and the Canine Way." He makes use of a florid introduction ("I am the precious sands in the hour glass of society, I am the time that wounds all heels, I am.... the Watchdog!") and effects a dramatic disappearance with the use of gas canisters and smoke, borrowed from Disney's Darkwing Duck, which aired concurrently in syndication. The Watchdog even uses a two-way clock radio, inspired by Dick Tracy's famous two-way wristwatch.

Ace Hart discovers that Fob Canine and the Watch Dog are one and the same and in league with the Labrador Gang (actually Canine's comic artist employees) as a publicity stunt to bring the Watch Dog back into the public eye. Ace agrees to help the group with one final stunt, as long as it signals the Watch Dog's retirement. The plan is complicated by the intervention of Bugsy Vile, but the Watch Dog summons the courage to actually save the day. Canine and his crew subsequently take a bus to Cleveland to start their own comic book company.

The Watch Dog returned in the third season of Dog City as a purely comic character, in short superhero spoof sketches with the Woof Pack.

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