Wild imp wiki
PERFORMER Richard Hunt
DEBUT 1989

The Wild Impresario is one of the residents of Faffner Hall. He first appeared in the first episode of The Ghost of Faffner Hall. A pianist, he is very enthusiastic about working at Faffner Hall, and loves music of all types. Whenever he hears something very appealing to him (or comes upon a great idea), he often describes it as the "_____ of the Century!"

In the second episode, "Delighting in Sounds", it's revealed that Wild used to be in a gang called the Wild Bunch. He used to date one of the gang members, a woman named Zola. Before Zola, Wild dated Joni Mitchell. When Zola paid a visit to Faffner Hall, Wild wanted to rekindle their old romance. Then he found out that Zola had married Ray, another former member of the Wild Bunch.

In "Notation: The Sign That Gets the Sound", Wild creates the winning composition for a contest that's being held in Faffner Hall.

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