The Winds of War was an acclaimed 1983 ABC television miniseries, based on the Herman Wouk novel, recounting the events of World War II. A 1988 sequel followed, War and Remembrance. Both projects featured stentorian narration which lent a documentary feel and dramatic gravity.

Dinosaurs spoofed the all-star cast and epic nature of the miniseries in "Nuts to War" part 1 and part 2, with specific emphasis placed on the opening credit roll, the "sweeping miniseries" promos, and the dramatic recaps favored by the two War series. Earl is referred to as Earl "Pug" Sinclair while wearing a naval officer's cap, in reference to star Robert Mitchum's character Victor "Pug" Henry." Gary Owens offered a credible impersonation of the original narrator.


  • Eddie Albert played Breckinridge Long in War and Remembrance
  • G. W. Bailey played Commander Jim Grigg in War and Remembrance
  • Sky du Mont played Count Ciano in The Winds of War and Count Claus Schenk von Stauffenberg in War and Remembrance
  • John Gielgud played Aaron Jastrow in War and Remembrance
  • Reinhard Glemnitz played Paul Schmidt in The Winds of War and Lt. Gen. Hans Speidel in War and Remembrance
  • Robert Hardy played Winston Churchill in War and Remembrance
  • Pat Hingle played Admiral Halsey in War and Remembrance
  • Robert Morley played Alistair Tudsbury in War and Remembrance
  • William Schallert played Harry Hopkins in War and Remembrance
  • Robert Stephens played Major Karl Rahm in War and Remembrance
  • William Woodson played the narrator in The Winds of War and War and Remembrance
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