PERFORMER Richard Hunt
DEBUT 1984

The Wizard is a supposed master of prestidigitation who visits Fraggle Rock occasionally to show off his magic tricks, which include the "Blooming Flower" trick and the "Double Twisted Over Back Flip While Escaping from Ropes and Waiting to Be Eaten While You're All Tied Up" trick. He is also fond of using smoke pellets to create the illusion of magic happening when he really hasn't done anything.

The Wizard's incantation while performing magic is "Horse enchiladas, ho-ho!" He has a dutiful flunky named 7-Words-Max.

Without his glasses and false beard, the Wizard closely resembles Wembley Fraggle. In the second season episode "The Wizard of Fraggle Rock," he fools Wembley into switching places with him. Wembley wants the other Fraggles to give him attention and praise; the Wizard hopes to escape from the Poison Cackler that is pursuing him. When the Poison Cackler arrives, it sees both of them. Wembley and the Wizard were able to use the smoke pellets that it was after in order to lure it off the cliff. Wembley's friends then confronted the Wizard for switching places with Wembley. The Wizard then started a banana tree shirt business.