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Sample from seasons 39, 40, and 41

The Word of the Day is a recurring Sesame Street feature that debuted in season 38 and lasted through season 45. The segment highlights a particular word introduced before the show with What's the Word on the Street? The standard format for every segment was established by season 39, in that Muppet characters (usually Elmo) would accompany celebrities in explaining or demonstrating the word.

Many of the early installments were filmed at the stations and sets the celebrities act on. Starting in season 39, the crew and puppeteers would spend a week in Los Angeles filming most of the segments,[1] with the remainder being filmed on the Sesame Street set in New York.


Season 38

Image First Appearance Word / Description
Episode 4135 Squid

Brian Williams reports on the word "squid."

Episode 4136 Newspaper

Matt Lauer demonstrates how to use a newspaper. His favorite thing to do is make hats.

Episode 4137 Dog

Conan O'Brien introduces and dramatizes different varieties of dogs.

Episode 4138 Lazy

Richard Belzer tries to explain the word "lazy," but he's too lazy to do it.

Episode 4139 Pumpernickel

Rachael Ray talks about the word "pumpernickel" and what it is.

Episode 4140 Ballet

Ellen DeGeneres talks about ballet and, donning a tutu, demonstrates the dance.

Episode 4141 Tricycle

Alec Baldwin explains what a tricycle is before riding one himself.

Episode 4142 Disappear

Chris Brown demonstrates the word "disappear."

Episode 4143 Ticklish

Howie Mandel is tickled by the word "ticklish."

Episode 4144 Frustrated

Kelly Ripa becomes frustrated trying to find a paper she wrote explaining the word's meaning.

Episode 4145 Prepared

Chad Pennington demonstrates what it means to be prepared.

Episode 4146 Family

Al Roker displays photos of his family.

Episode 4147 Mystery

Mariska Hargitay explains what a mystery is.

Episode 4148 Mail

Christopher Meloni displays a piece of his mail.

Episode 4149 Predicament

Charles Gibson is in a predicament: where are his glasses?

Episode 4150 Windy

Gina demonstrates what it's like when it gets windy.

Episode 4151 Apology

Ann Curry apologizes for not knowing how to explain what an apology is.

Episode 4152 Gigantic

Ahmad Rashād loves the word "gigantic."

Episode 4153 Rhyme

Ice T loves words that rhyme.

Episode 4154 Amazing

Rachael Ray thinks a tap-dancing tomato is amazing.

Episode 4155 Expert

Diane Sawyer is an expert at blowing bubbles.

Episode 4156 Practice

Jon Stewart needs practice at reading the word of the day.

Episode 4157 Pretend

Meredith Vieira likes to pretend to be a train.

Episode 4158 Sigh

Sarah Jessica Parker loves to sigh.

Episode 4159 Angry

Cuba Gooding, Jr. gets angry when the pesky word won't stay in place for him to talk about it.

Episode 4160 Struggle

It's a struggle for Tyra Banks to put on her sweater.

Season 39

Image First Appearance Word / Description
Episode 4161 Octagon

Jack Black tries to look for an octagon, when Elmo shows him a STOP sign.

Episode 4162 Pirouette

Grover demonstrates a pirouette, with the help of Lorena and Lorna Feijóo.

Episode 4164 Compliment

Heidi Klum and Elmo (and Elmo's shoe) give each other compliments to demonstrate the word.

Episode 4165 Insect

Jenny McCarthy tells the viewer what an insect is, and pretends to be some, attracting a bee.

Episode 4167 Toss

Jason Taylor and Elmo demonstrate the word "toss."

Episode 4168 Persistent

David Beckham explains the word "persistent" while Elmo repeatedly asks to play soccer with him.

Episode 4169 Unanimous

LL Cool J, Elmo and Abby Cadabby try to show "unanimous" by agreeing to go to somewhere, but Oscar intervenes and disagrees with them, making it not unanimous. They turn the tables on him by all agreeing to not go anywhere too, and then when Oscar changes his mind, they agree with him again.

Episode 4171 Glockenspiel

Randy Jackson plays the glockenspiel with a dog.

Episode 4172 Half

Chandra Wilson and Murray Monster break things in half, including food, paper and a chair!

Episode 4173 Disguise

Jack Black wears various disguises to fool Elmo, but he sees through them each time, until he meets a chicken with Jack’s facial hair.

Episode 4174 Curly

Neil Patrick Harris and Elmo show things that are curly.

Episode 4176 Stuck

Patrick Warburton has a chicken stuck in his shirt.

Episode 4180 Mustache

Jonah Hill shows Elmo his mustache.

Episode 4182 Distract

Megan Mullally tries to talk about the word "distract," but is distracted by a pig on a pogo stick, a singing stalk of broccoli and a dancing chicken.

Episode 4184 Scrumptious

Jessica Alba thinks a pizza, fruit salad and even a talking cake are scrumptious.

Episode 4186 Fabulous

Kim Cattrall thinks a fairy with flapping wings that sparkle, a blues-singing shoe and a dancing robot are fabulous!

Season 40

Image First Appearance Word / Description
Episode 4187 Habitat

Cameron Diaz and some woodland animals describe a habitat.

Episode 4188 Pair

Sarah Jessica Parker and Elmo explain what a pair is.

Episode 4189 Pollinate

Nancy O'Dell has a flower friend to help explain what pollinate means, but the flower has no idea what it means. A bee buzzing by to do his job helps out.

Episode 4190 Nature

Debra Messing identifies the various parts of nature.

Episode 4191 Season

Adrian Grenier and Elmo use The Season-Bot 3000 to help explain the word "season."

Episode 4192 Quest

Tiki Barber goes on a quest looking for a definition of quest, asking Oscar, Grover and Cookie Monster.

Episode 4193 Hibernate

Meredith Vieira talks about the word "hibernate," waking up some animals trying to do so.

Episode 4194 Surprise

Maggie Gyllenhaal explains the word "surprise" and is surprised by Elmo, Zoe, Rosita, Grover, Telly and Abby.

Episode 4195 Brilliant

Paul Rudd and Grover explain what brilliant means.

Episode 4196 Machine

Greg Kinnear tries to explain the word "machine," but cannot figure out how. A real-live machine arrives to aid him.

Episode 4197 Crunchy

Adam Sandler tries to explain the word "crunchy," but finds it hard while Cookie Monster munches on a crunchy cookie.

Episode 4198 Garden

While Jennie Garth describes what a garden is made of, Abby Cadabby makes them appear.

Episode 4199 Camouflage

Elisabeth Hasselbeck wants to explain what camouflage means, but she can't find her frog assistant. She discovers he has been camouflaged the whole time.

Episode 4200 Separate

Jake Gyllenhaal separates an octopus from his head.

Episode 4201 Metamorphosis

Patricia Arquette and Abby explain what metamorphosis means. Abby visually demonstrates this by turning Patricia into a penguin.

Episode 4202 Canteen

Abby Cadabby tries helping Cedric the Entertainer show what a canteen is by making one appear, but instead conjures up a hose, a fish tank and a bucket. Exhausted, she takes a drink from her own canteen.

Episode 4203 Speedy

Brendan Fraser talks about the word "speedy" as he watches Grover run around fast, looking for a restroom.

Episode 4204 Stumble

Ricky Gervais explains what a stumble is, with Grover providing an accidental visual demonstration.

Episode 4205 Inspect

Jimmy Fallon and Elmo inspect each other and the viewer.

Episode 4206 Bones

Matthew Fox explains to Elmo what bones are and displays a "funny bone."

Episode 4207 Miniature

Abby Cadabby helps Kobe Bryant show what miniature means by making miniature copies of a book, painting, hot dog and even himself!

Episode 4208 Booth

Christina Applegate and Elmo introduce the word "booth" and name the different kinds of booths.

Episode 4209 Concentrate

Hugh Jackman and Elmo explain how they concentrate.

Episode 4210 Spectacular

Judah Friedlander describes the word "spectacular," which happens to be on his hat. Telly comes by and thinks his hat is spectacular, earning him a chance to wear it.

Episode 4211 Humongous

Debi Mazar looks for something humongous and a large dragon arrives to help.

Episode 4212 Exquisite

Eva Longoria and Elmo showcase things they find exquisite.

Season 41

Image First Appearance Word / Description
Episode 4213 Challenge

Amy Poehler tries to show what a challenge is by attempting to lift a cow in the air and spin it on her finger. When she can't do that, she tries the "Pat Your Head and Rub Your Tummy Challenge."

Episode 4214 Journal

Wanda Sykes explains what a journal is. She shows Elmo her own journal, who starts to reveal her private entries himself.

Episode 4215 Comfort

Jason Bateman tries to comfort someone to help explain the word's meaning, but no passing animal needs his help. Elmo finds Jason sad and comforts him himself.

Episode 4216 Cling

A group of animals cling to Jude Law.

Episode 4217 Pasta

Kara DioGuardi and Chef Elmo show the various kinds of pasta.

Episode 4218 Activate

Chris O'Donnell tries to activate a robot, but keeps hitting the wrong remote button, instead activating the music, alarms and sprinklers.

Episode 4219 Investigate

Colin Farrell and Elmo don't know what the word of the day is and investigate to find out. They are led to a big orange guy with lots of fur, who always knows the word.

Episode 4220 Appetite

Reggie Bush explains what appetite means, when two monsters appear with a strong hunger for his food.

Episode 4221 Binoculars

Julie Bowen and Elmo show what binoculars are.

Episode 4222 Float

Abby Cadabby aids Natalie Morales in showing what float means by making a pumpkin appear (so it can float on water), then making them both float.

Episode 4223 Allergic

Taye Diggs and Idina Menzel try to explain what allergic means, but their animal assistants cause them to break out.

Episode 4224 Hexagon

Abby helps Ty Burrell show what a hexagon is, but conjures up a circle and triangle, before finally turning Ty into a hexagon.

Episode 4225 Accessory

Abby helps Rebecca Romijn show what accessories are by using magic, but gives her more than she needs. "You can never have too many accessories," Abby states.

Episode 4226 Arachnid

Jim Parsons has been called upon to talk about the word "arachnid," but has no idea what the word means. He gets chased by a spider trying to help.

Episode 4227 Incognito

Terrence Howard shows Elmo what incognito means, with visual aids from some disguised animals. Terrence then disguises himself as a certain red monster.

Episode 4228 Recipe

Alton Brown shows Abby what a recipe is and has her help him with one. She conjures up some music, balloons and friends; a recipe for fun!

Episode 4229 Galoshes

Jennifer Garner and Abby show what galoshes are.

Episode 4231 Identical

Sherri Shepherd and Abby show what identical means.

Episode 4232 Healthy

Ellen Pompeo and Elmo explain ways to get yourself healthy.

Episode 4233 Reporter

Elmo becomes a reporter to help Samantha Harris explain the word, but there's nothing to report on. So, Samantha cooks up a story for him.

Episode 4234 Gem

Elmo and Anna Faris try to talk about the word "gem," but are constantly interrupted by a prince, presenting "the gorgeous Honey-Bunny Ms. Anna" with various jewels.

Episode 4235 Celebration

LaDainian Tomlinson and Elmo explain what a celebration is.

Episode 4236 Volunteer

Usher shows Elmo different ways to volunteer as they see some animals help Luis and Susan.

Episode 4237 Dozen

Rachel Griffiths shows things in a dozen, including eggs, a tray of bagels and some singing penguins.

Episode 4238 Transportation

Zoe Saldana and Elmo pretend to be various types of transportation.

Season 42

Image First Appearance Word / Description
Episode 4257 Engineer

James Marsden and Elmo engineer a spaghetti-serving device.

Episode 4258 Experiment

To demonstrate the word "experiment," Elmo and Craig Ferguson see how many chickens is takes to lift Craig.

Episode 4259 Liquid

George Lopez, Abby and Elmo provide visual aids of liquids.

Episode 4260 Observe

Jerry O'Connell observes a pie Murray has baked and discovers he's used pepper instead of sugar.

Episode 4261 Transform

Johnny Galecki and Abby explain what transform means by having Abby transform their pumpkin into a coach. The pumpkin doesn't transform, but Johnny is turned into a pumpkin.

Episode 4262 Baile

Sofía Vergara and Elmo explain what baile means.

Episode 4263 Fragile

Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Cookie Monster demonstrate the word "fragile" using Tyler's nana's cookie jar. Cookie over-eagerness causes Jesse to drop it.

Episode 4264 Exchange

Naomi Watts, Liev Schreiber and Elmo exchange items and kisses.

Episode 4265 Include

Mila Kunis and Elmo show the word "include" when some dancing sheep include them in their dance.

Episode 4266 Empathy

Mark Ruffalo tells Murray some sad stories to help him understand the word "empathy."

Episode 4267 Embarrassed

Embarrassing things happen to Seth Rogen when he and Elmo try to explain the word.

Episode 4268 Fascinating

Abby introduces Michelle Monaghan to some of her "fascinating" fairy-tale friends.

Episode 4269 Sibling

Abby helps Jimmy Kimmel show what a sibling is, calling upon Hansel and Gretel, the Three Little Pigs, and poofing in Jimmy's own siblings "Timmy" and "Kimmy".

Episode 4270 Compare

Amar'e Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony "compare" their basketball skills with Grover.

Episode 4271 Ingredient

Amy Adams and Elmo explain the word "ingredient."

Episode 4272 Balance

Emma Stone tries to show the word balance by balancing things on her head, but is unsuccessful. Abby provides some magical help.

Episode 4273 Amphibian

Conan O'Brien talks about the word "amphibian," but hasn't brought any visual aids. Abby magically conjures up a toad and newt, before turning Conan into a frog. She changes him back, but finds a few side effects.

Episode 4274 Measure

Drew Brees measures how tall Elmo is by using various items, including a ruler, a potato, and a talking football.

Episode 4275 Stubborn

Nicole Kidman and Oscar are going to explain the word "stubborn," but Oscar refuses to help, thus providing an example for her.

Episode 4276 Soggy

Murray Monster tries to provide John Krasinski with soggy items, but he brings a dry sock and sponge. Murray then brings in an elephant, who provides some water (all over John).

Episode 4277 Deciduous

Elmo asks Ken Jeong to ask a nearby tree if it's deciduous. It drops its leaves in response.

Episode 4278 Senses

Maria Menounos talks about the senses, while Oscar tries to get rid of her by giving her Grouchy things to use her senses with.

Episode 4279 Prickly

Some "prickly" characters aid Joel McHale explain the word.

Episode 4280 Conflict

Robin Williams wants the Two-Headed Monster to demonstrate conflict, but they (ironically) get along.

Episode 4281 Magnify

Rico Rodriguez and Elmo demonstrate what "magnify" means.

Episode 4282 Stupendous

Gustavo Dudamel conducts some "stupendous" animal musical acts to show Elmo what the word means.

Season 43

Image First Appearance Word / Description
Episode 4301 Nibble

Elmo brings Halle Berry some animals to nibble on her snacks. The bird and fish take large bites, while the ferocious tiger takes a tiny bite.

Episode 4302 Champion

Abby Cadabby magically pulls Blake Griffin from his basketball game to talk about the word "champion." He faces against a chicken to be the chicken-call champion.

Episode 4303 Remember

Abby and Eric Stonestreet explain the word "remember" as Eric remembers a list - "A loaf of bread, container of milk and a stick of butter," who turn out to be his friends.

Episode 4304 Careful

Casey Affleck and Murray explain what "careful" means while building a block tower.

Episode 4305 Patience

Zac Efron talks about the word "patience" while Elmo waits for him to finish so they can play basketball. They both end up waiting when the ball steps out for some air.

Episode 4306 Grimace

Ed Helms shows what a grimace is, with a grimace expert judging them.

Episode 4307 Career

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor explains to Abby what a "career" is, explaining that "princess" isn't one. Abby decides to be a justice like her.

Episode 4308 Tool

Jay Mohr learns about the different types of tools.

Episode 4309 Proud

Abby introduces Timothy Olyphant to her fairy tale friends (Hansel and Gretel, Humpty Dumpty and the Big Bad Wolf) who illustrate what proud means.

Episode 4310 Veterinarian

Wendy Williams and her dog explain what a veterinarian is with the help of some ailing animals.

Episode 4311 Vote

Steve Carell, Abby and Elmo take a vote on what snack they should have - cheese or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. When a third, pizza-party candidate enters the race, they all pick her.

Episode 4313 Brainstorm

Maya Rudolph and Elmo brainstorm ways to explain the word.

Episode 4314 Paleontologist

Amy Ryan and Elmo explain what a paleontologist does and meet a real life dinosaur.

Episode 4316 Splatter

Abby will help Kristen Bell show splatter by using a splatter spell on Elmo, but unknowingly does it on Kristin's clean blouse.

Episode 4317 Amplify

Abby helps Dax Shepard show "amplify."

Episode 4318 Reinforce

Joseph Gordon-Levitt reinforces his watch so it remains undamaged when Murray brings the hammer down.

Episode 4319 Innovation

Elmo comes up with some innovations to help Paula Patton explain the word. He first invents a "Word-O-Pad" that displays the word, then a Word-O-Bot, and finally makes himself into a robot that sings and dances.

Episode 4321 Choreographer

Elmo introduces Melissa McCarthy to a penguin choreographer.

Episode 4322 Attach

Matt Kemp and Abby show "attach" using a sticker book and sippy cup. Abby wants to magically attach some numbers to his jersey, but instead attaches some stickers, sippy cups and even herself.

Episode 4323 Subtraction

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar shows Big Bird subtraction with four birds who are specially trained to subtract themselves when they hear the word.

Episode 4324 Inflate

Don Cheadle and Elmo show things one can inflate, including Herbie - Elmo's inflatable friend.

Episode 4325 Sculpture

Elmo is busy making a visual aid for Jon Hamm's explanation on what a sculpture is, so he finds various ones of different materials (and increasing weights). Just before Jon gets a hernia, Elmo finishes his sculpture - a likeness of himself, which thanks Jon for his compliment.

Episode 4326 Vibrate

Kellan Lutz shows Cookie Monster things that vibrate, though he would rather go out for cookies. Kellan pulls out his cell phone, which Cookie devours; it soon vibrates from within him.

Season 44

Image First Appearance Word / Description
Episode 4401 Jealous[note 1]

Abby and Charlize Theron talk about the word "jealous," a feeling Charlize claims to have never felt before. Soon, she becomes jealous of Abby's wings. Abby magically gives her some, and now Elmo becomes jealous of Charlize's wings!

Episode 4402 Respect

Henry Cavill and Elmo teach the Big Bad Wolf what respect means and ask him to give some to the Three Little Pigs.

Episode 4403 Fragrance[note 1]

Elmo and Troy Polamalu look for something with a pleasant fragrance. They smell a stinky skunk, onion and sweatsock before Elmo catches the pleasant aroma of Troy's conditioner.

Episode 4404 Sturdy

John Cho has Abby conjure up things that are sturdy, including a ladder, chair and rope that binds John.

Episode 4405 Relax

Lena Headey talks about the word "relax" with an energetic Murray.

Episode 4406 Robot

Grover tries to get his robot to help Kunal Nayyar talk about the word "robot."

Episode 4407 Texture

Abby helps demonstrate the word "texture" by magically changing Josh Gad into different textural outfits.

Episode 4408 Author

Lauren Graham and Grover demonstrate what an "author" is by writing a short story about a dill pickle.

Episode 4409 Furious

Jesse Williams and Elmo meet an easily furious fly named Felix.

Episode 4411 Imposter

Hank Azaria demonstrates what an "impostor" is by impersonating Cookie Monster, Grover and even Elmo.

Episode 4412 Courteous

Grover tries to show the word "courteous" with Cobie Smulders. Despite not knowing the word, Grover inadvertently demonstrates courtesy by politely asking Cobie to show what it means.

Episode 4414 Strategy

Dwight Howard and Elmo talk about the word "strategy." When a tiger takes Dwight's basketball and starts gnawing on it, the two of them have to think of a strategy to get it back.

Episode 4415 Translate

Benjamin Bratt demonstrates the word "translate" with Elmo, a French-speaking cheese, and a hungry tiger who communicates in roars.

Episode 4417 Disappointed[note 1]

Elmo and Sarah Michelle Gellar talk about "disappointed." Sarah tries to help further demonstrate the word, but an Anything Muppet worker brings an unfinished disappointed sign, and she gets a chicken instead of cheerleaders. Both predicaments leave Sarah feeling disappointed.

Episode 4418 Adventure

Ginnifer Goodwin and Abby imagine several adventurous scenarios and encounter a real dinosaur who wants to play tag.

Episode 4419 Unique

Bert shows one of his "unique" paperclips and a prized seltzer bottlecap. However, Usher doesn't think they're as unique as a sombrero wearing shrimp on a pogostick, or a cabbage driving a taxi cab. In the end, Usher and Bert demonstrate the word by showing off their one-of-a-kind dance moves.

Episode 4420 Cheer

Billy Gardell explains what "cheer" means while Elmo and Abby, who are dressed as cheerleaders, demonstrate. Abby poofs Billy a cheerleading outfit of his own so they can all cheer for the word "cheer."

Episode 4421 Confidence

Evan Lysacek and Elmo encourage a nervous Stinky the Stinkweed, ultimately giving him the confidence he needs to explain the word "confidence."

Episode 4423 Athlete

Albert Pujols and Grover talk about the word "athlete." Grover tries to show how great an athlete he is, but fumbles in every sport. He doesn't realize Albert himself is an athlete.

Episode 4424 Plan

Rutina Wesley, Abby and Elmo come up with a "plan" to explain the word.

Episode 4425 Imagination

Forest Whitaker shows "imagination" by pretending a stick is various things, while Count von Count counts the different things he does.

Episode 4426 Absorb

Anna Kendrick demonstrates "absorb" with Elmo, Abby and Murray; using a sponge, paper towels and Murray's furry fingers to absorb water.

Season 45

Image First Appearance Word / Description
Episode 4501 Strenuous

Elmo has Wendi McLendon-Covey demonstrate what "strenuous" means by running, lifting a boulder, and playing tug-of-war with a small but very strong chicken.

Episode 4502 Repair

Kat Dennings and Abby "repair" the visual aid of the word when it falls over and breaks.

Episode 4503 Skin

Lupita Nyong'o and Elmo talk about their skin.

Episode 4504 Flexible

Zachary Quinto and Grover demonstrate the word "flexible" by having flexible frames of mind and bending some objects, including their own legs.

Episode 4505 Enthusiastic

Elmo is "enthusiastic" about helping Mindy Kaling explain the word. Mindy is enthusiastic about dancing, but even more so about dancing with chickens. The chickens, however, prefer to jump.

Episode 4506 Fiesta

Viola Davis gives Elmo some festive clues as to what the Spanish word "fiesta" means.

Episode 4507 Diagram

Claire Danes and Cookie Monster show off a diagram of a car, then of a cookie, which Cookie Monster naturally devours.

Episode 4508 Ridiculous

Grover puts Aziz Ansari in "ridiculous" situations and outfits to help explain the word.

Episode 4509 Astounding

Ice Cube shows Elmo some "astounding" magic tricks; like making a penny disappear, pulling a baby dinosaur out of a hat, and turning himself into a literal ice cube.

Episode 4510 Coach

Pau Gasol is talking about what a "coach" is and Abby tries riding him to the ball. Pau clears up the confusion and coaches her in basketball. Cinderella shows up in need of a coach...for basketball too.

Episode 4512 Empty

Murray helps Jonah Hill learn the word "empty" - by emptying a bowl of pretzels, a glass of water and a cage full of wild animals. Jonah catches on by emptying Murray's crayon box, which was the only thing that calms the animals down.

Episode 4513 Resist

Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Cookie Monster demonstrate the word "resist" using a cookie.

Episode 4514 Awful

To help demonstrate today's word, Murray gives Adam Scott some "awful" gifts.

Episode 4515 Anxious

Zach Braff and Telly unknowingly demonstrate today's word "anxious" by worrying over what it is. A delivery man brings them a jack-in-the-box, which displays the word.

Episode 4516 Pattern

Elmo and Craig Robinson show a fruit and vegetable "pattern." One is missing, so Craig substitutes as a broccoli.

Episode 4517 Grouchy

Elmo and Murray find out what makes Bill Hader feel "grouchy."

Episode 4518 Friend

Brittany Snow, Elmo and an array of animals talk about what a "friend" is.

Episode 4519 Divide

Nia Long and Abby show what "divide" means by divvying a group of birds. When they get too rowdy, Abby divides them all into individual boxes.

Episode 4520 Artist

Abby turns Terry Crews into different kinds of artists as The Count counts them.

Episode 4521 Greeting

Seth Meyers says different kinds of greetings while The Count counts each of them.

Episode 4522 Nimble

Murray writes a version of "Jack Be Nimble" with Zach Galifianakis. To make Zach become nimble, Murray sends a piranha after him.

Episode 4523 Applause

Zachary Levi teaches Elmo the meaning of "applause" by showing some applause-worthy acts, including a tap-dancing tomato and a fire-breathing chicken.

Episode 4524 Technology

Christina Hendricks shows off different types of "technology." When she can't manage holding them all, Elmo provides her with another type of technology - a backpack.

Episode 4525 Focus

Abby tries to keep Emmy Rossum focused while explaining the word "focus," but Emmy struggles when an array of animals disrupt her.

Episode 4526 Explore

Elmo and Emily Blunt act as jungle explorers to demonstrate the word "explore." They come across a jewel-encrusted chest housing the Golden Cabbage of Destiny, who requests they leave him alone.


  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 Kevin Clash performs Elmo for this segment, which was recorded during production for season 43 prior to his resignation. In other Word of the Day segments for season 44, Ryan Dillon plays Elmo.


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