Worlds oldest fraggle
DEBUT 1983

The World's Oldest Fraggle's first appearance was in the Fraggle Rock episode "The Finger of Light." As his name implies, he serves as elder for the Fraggles, often officiating at ceremonial events and emergency meetings. He frequently needs to be corrected by his assistant Henchy, to whom he replies "I know that!" while whacking him on the nose with his cane (once despite promising not to in "Inspector Red").

The World's Oldest Fraggle is obviously greatly respected by the Fraggles, but he is not their leader. His role seems to be mostly ceremonial; he presides over games and leads meetings a lot, but he doesn't make rules for anyone. The Fraggles are their own leaders, and nobody is the boss. However, the World's Oldest does wield a lot of influence if he wishes, shown by how he can convince and quasi-lead the normally peaceful and pacifistic Fraggles into a war against The Cave Fraggles in Fraggle Cave.

The World's Oldest Fraggle also seems to wobble between seriousness, silliness and senility. When he first appears in the episodes "The Finger of Light" and "New Trash Heap in Town", he shows insight and wisdom, even if the other Fraggles refuse to believe it. In episodes like "Fraggle Wars", he seems to drift into senility while still showing flashes of leadership (even if the leadership is of a potentially destructive kind). In the episode "Gone, But Not Forgotten", he offers insight into death itself, explaining that at his age, death will be nothing more than a welcome change of scenery.


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