Jim Henson and Frank Oz talk about puppets in "Muppet Puppet Plays".

The World of the Muppets is an unproduced project similar to The Muppets on Puppets.

According to a curated entry on the Jim Henson's Red Book blog:[1]

in 1970, after a positive response to the wider airings of The Muppets on Puppets, he began to promote the idea of a similar show for commercial television. He worked up a budget and wrote a treatment for a special called The World of The Muppets which he pitched to potential sponsor General Foods. Complications arose relating to his existing relationship with R.J. Reynolds, sponsor of the Tales from Muppetland specials, and also due to Jim's refusal to use his characters in commercials for unhealthy foods aimed at children. This came out of his commitment to Sesame Street, then in its first season, and Jim's desire not to use the power of television to manipulate young viewers.


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