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Written by Tony Burello and Tom Murray
Publisher Omnibus Music Co.

"There's a New Sound" is sung by Scooter for the UK Spot in episode 324 of The Muppet Show.

According to the liner notes for the Music, Mayhem and More! CD, this song was also performed on Sam and Friends. Jim Henson once described the early days of Sam and Friends, saying:

We'd try some really way-out things... I remember one strange thing we had on the show—a puppet made from the skull of a squirrel. We used to take this slightly macabre thing and make it talk, and also we used it to lip-synch to this terrible song called There's a New Sound... it has only one chord and it would drive people crazy. I was convinced no one else at the station ever watched the show because there was never a complaint or any attempt at censorship of any kind.”[1][2]




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